Manila’s most well-known chefs create ‘Recipes for Children’s Dreams’
The Rogationist Fathers, along with Chef Jean Pierre Migne (Executive Chef, Hans Gourmet S.I.) and Chef Martin Kaspar (culinary instructor and Chef Patron of L’entrecôte) have teamed up to address the pressing needs of the less fortunate children of Parañaque via a culinary fundraising event slated to take place on November 25 at the Rogationist Seminary at Merville Park, Parañaque City.

Dubbed Recipes for Children’s Dreams, the highly anticipated culinary affair hinges on the concept of a Chefs’ Gourmet Potluck, gathering Metro Manila’s expert chefs to concoct delectable dishes for the generous individuals who have pledged their support for the cause.

Proceeds from the ticket sales (tickets are priced at P2,000 apiece) will go towards the fundraising efforts for the construction of St. Hannibal’s Children’s Center, the institution headed by the Rogationist fathers dedicated to the care and assistance of the homeless street children of Parañaque.

Chef Jean Pierre shares how he came up with the idea. “Each day I would encounter the pesky children begging for alms, and that would ruin my day and annoy me,” he recalls. “Until one time, out of the blue, it suddenly dawned on me that instead of complaining about them, I thought, why not use my energy to do something for them?”

With this, he signed up to voluntarily teach culinary lessons to the street kids. He enjoyed the experience immensely, realizing how privileged he is, and was further driven to share his blessings. “I saw children during Sunday mass at our village —they were shouting, singing, and praising God,” he says. “So I asked my wife, Louie, if it would be possible to help the Rogationist Priests in completing their project, St. Hannibal’s Children’s Center at Merville.”

The excited chef then proposed to the idea of a huge buffet potluck, which became the Recipes for Children’s Dreams Fund-raising Dinner—an effort he envisioned will be participated in by the top chefs in the metropolis.

Fellow culinary expert and advocate Chef Martin Kaspar recounts: “I got a call from Chef Jean Pierre, who happens to be a good friend of mine, inviting me to be one of the project’s leads. I immediately agreed to support the cause and quickly contacted all the chefs I knew—and they joined us at once to make Recipes possible.”

The kind-hearted chefs who agreed to impart their gifts and talents for the children’s cause include Chefs Chris Locher, Christian Werdenberg, Colin Mackay, Cyrille Soenen, David Pardo de Ayala, Eugene Raymundo, Glenda Barretto, Hans Rudolf Neukom, Jessie Sincioco, Jill Sandique, Jomi Gaston, Laurent Maleval, Marc Aubry, Marc Chalopin, Markus Gfeller, Mauro Arjona, Martin Kaspar, Myrna Segismundo, Melchor Taylo, Norbert Gandler, Robby Goco, Sau del Rosario, See Chong Yan, Tanke Tanteko, Mr. Philippe Bartolomi, Mr. Werner Berger, Mrs. Pinky Anonuevo, Mrs. Polly Garilao, Mrs. Rosalie Valera and Mrs. Carole Conti Sumulong.

This worthy endeavor has paved the way for members of the community to come together over a sumptuous meal, and actively involve themselves in creating a better and brighter future for children who are truly in need. Chef Jean Pierre concludes: “Street children are a common sight to the Filipino, and oftentimes we tend to ignore them or pretend they don’t exist when we see them en route to wherever we are going. This is a real opportunity for us to meet their needs and change their lives for the better.”

For more information and details on Recipes for Children’s Dreams, contact Fr. Alex Clemente at 828-3416, 0923-4005851, or visit

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